Tidestone Solutions Releases New Data Import Tools for Dynamics GP

Tidestone Solutions

Tidestone Solutions has developed a set of Data Import Tools to improve your business process.  The tools are designed to import data from a spreadsheet into GP using macros.  The product consists of a new GP window attached to the transaction window of the document type being imported.  This new window is located on the “Additional” menu of the transaction screen.  Each type of document has a specific spreadsheet template that needs to remain consistent for the import to be successful.  The product utilizes C# VS Tools and the GP macro system.  These macros are cost-effective when you only require up to 3 different transaction types to import.  Anything over that, then the cost becomes more than the standard Microsoft import tool.  This product is also terrific for transaction types that are not supported by the standard tools.  Examples are anything in HR, most payroll transaction types and third party products.



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