Freeport Metrics launches innovative 10 day dashboard program

Freeport Metrics Inc.

Portland, ME, Apr 8, 2013 -- Freeport Metrics Inc. is excited to announce the launch of their new, innovative program, the 10 Day Dashboard. This program gives businesses the opportunity to have a customized business dashboard developed in just 10 days and at a fixed price. This forward-thinking program is designed to help businesses tap into the power of their own data, making it easier for them to have a professional, attractive and cutting-edge dashboard, customized specifically for their needs, at a fixed cost with a fast turn-around time.

There are several dashboard services in the market that provide companies simple dashboard solutions right out of the box. But the issue for many companies is that these standard solutions don’t fit their individual needs or require significant customization in order to really solve their data analysis and data display needs. “Many of our clients have been interested in creating a dashboard to use in their office to make their key performance indicators highly visible to their team members. They tend to test out some third party solutions, but then get stuck when it comes to the details of extracting the data and displaying it in an attractive and meaningful way” says Freeport Metrics president Dan Piltch. “The 10 Day Dashboard was born out of this need to get some useful data up and running quickly.”

With all the buzz surrounding “big data” and how companies can utilize their own data along with other important metrics in order to make smarter, more informed business decisions, Freeport Metrics saw a need in the industry for a program such as this. A simple, customized solution for a complicated data problem. And because of their in depth business experience in the data visualization field, Freeport Metrics adds tremendous value by their ability to help companies navigate through all the dashboard options that are available and help to pick a solution that is right just for them and their unique needs.

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Freeport Metrics is a team of technology consultants, software developers and business intelligence specialists with offices in Portland, Maine and Warsaw, Poland. They design and build innovative custom applications for the web, mobile devices and kiosks and provide cutting-edge business intelligence solutions for large enterprises, governments and start ups. They are the creators of the app MenuRadar as well as the Rubbi business intelligence platform, an innovative and custom data analysis software that helps businesses make sense of their data. For more information about Freeport Metrics, please visit