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Portland, ME, Mar 8, 2013 -- Freeport Metrics Inc. is pleased to announce it has received a TechStart grant from the Maine Technology Institute (MTI). Freeport Metrics will use these funds to create a web and mobile app targeted to those working in the wedding floral industry.  This new, innovative software will revolutionize the way wedding floral designers communicate and interact with their clients.

Freeport Metrics will be partnering with Emily Carter Floral Designs (, an expert in the wedding floral design industry, to create this cutting-edge software. This collaboration between the highly skilled software developers at Freeport Metrics with an experienced, talented floral designer such as Emily Carter will undoubtedly result in the development of ground-breaking software that is not only technologically advanced but also fully meets the needs of those professionals in the industry. "We're looking forward to collaborating with Emily Carter Floral Designs to create an innovative and much needed software platform for this industry” says Freeport Metrics president Daniel Piltch. “We're excited for this opportunity from MTI and look forward to getting started.” 

The funds provided by the TechStart Grant will enable Freeport Metrics to conduct the necessary preliminary steps required when creating a new software platform such as this. It will include the development of a formal business plan, recruitment of a board of advisors from the floral, wedding and software industries, and the creation of initial wireframes which will be used to help explain the concept to advisors, potential customers and developers. 

The TechStart Grant is offered as part of the MTI Business Innovation Program to individuals and companies in Maine who are looking to develop their new ideas and new products. 

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