Erin A. Hurley has joined Hurley Solutions

Hurley Solutions

Erin A. Hurley, CTP, AAP, has joined Hurley Solutions, a technology company that develops custom built ecommerce and enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations.

As Principal, Erin is working with clients to understand their unique business challenges, and identify ways to utilize technology to create efficiencies and maximize revenue for their respective organizations. Erin's background has allowed Hurley Solutions to expand the services it provides to clients with the launch of a Business Services division, assisting clients in such areas as financial services consulting, sales process management, talent acquisition and business strategy.

Erin has spent the past twenty years in the financial services industry,has earned her Master's in Business Administration, and is a graduate of the Stonier School at Wharton.

To learn more about how Erin and Hurley Solutions can help your company solve problems and make money using technology, visit: