MTUG Webinar: "Recent Broadband Legislation -- An Update for Maine Businesses and Communities"

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Wednesday, October 21
11:00am to 12:00pm
Online -- ME
Phone: 207-370-5327
MTUG Webinar: "Recent Broadband Legislation -- An Update for Maine Businesses and Communities"

The Maine Technology Users Group is hosting a free online webinar Wednesday, October, 21, from 11am to 12pm, to explore the impact of recent legislation on the move to bring high-quality broadband access to Maine communities and businesses.

Tim Schneider, Public Advocate for the State of Maine will summarize recent changes in state broadband policy resulting from the last legislative session, including development of a broadband strategic plan, support for community broadband planning, and elimination of the broadband sustainability fee.  He will also describe opportunities for MTUG participants to engage on these issues over the next 6-8 months.

In addition, Don Flewelling, Director of Government and Public Relations for Pioneer Broadband, will discuss the unique challenges in bringing broadband to rural areas such as northern Maine, and the role that service providers can play.

MTUG board members Al Bakutis of Fairchild Semiconductor and Joe Bourgault of FairPoint Communications helped to bring this session together.

To register for a webinar please visit or call 207-370-5327. While the webinar will be online using Webex, it is possible to attend by phone only and have presentations emailed to you.

All MTUG webinars are posted online in MTUG's Library. MTUG's 2015-16 Season runs from September through May with our Annual Summit in June. Discussion topic ideas are always accepted via the contact form on the MTUG website.

The Maine Technology Users Group, founded in 1987, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing IT professionals together to share real technology experiences to the benefit of Maine businesses and communities. For more information about the organization and its activities and resources, contact Kate Carpenter through MTUG’s “Contact Us” page at or by calling 207-370-5327.

Speaker information:
  • Tim Schneider, Public Advocate, State of Maine
  • Don Flewelling, Director of Government and Public Relations, Pioneer Broadband