Maxon Cinema 4D R11.5

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Cinema 4D Core Edition gives users professional level power in an easy-to-use package. Common sense tool sets that have been streamlined for pro 'pipelines' lets users create complex objects and animations, all within a friendly interface. A 3D CG benchmark for Hollywood and Television, C4D is widely recognized as the premier motion and texturing software for professionals. Maxon, in constant feedback with it's professional clients, has created an incredibly stable and powerful software that seamlessly plugs-into pro pipelines. Because of it's robust flexibility and extensibility, Cinema 4D is a perfect fit for professional and CG enthusiast that crave ease-of-use, rock solid stability and Hollywood grade results. Join Professional illustrator, designer and animator, Mark Bremmer for this "project based" course that even includes a solid introduction to "Bodypaint" and "Projection Man". Work Files are included.
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Course Hours: 11
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