WordPress From Beginner to PRO

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NEW Step-by-Step Video Course Helps You Go from Wordpress Beginner to Wordpress Expert in Just 24 Hours. No Website and No Technical Experience Needed! Just Watch, Do and Learn! Announcing the ONLY Online Course Developed and Taught by Professional Instructors Who Know How to Simplify, Show and Walk You Through Wordpress from Start to Finish!

Forget about lugging around heavy and expensive textbooks, taking notes from poor quality video and spending hours of time wading through complicated code – and learn Wordpress the easy way: step-by-step using direct online video instruction!

My name is Steven van Dijk, and along with my fellow blogging cohort Michael Pehl, we’re going to show you exactly how to not only master Wordpress, but do it in a fraction of the time of other courses.

Of course, that’s not to say we’ll be skipping over the vital “need-to-know” stuff. Instead, we’ve put together over 60 concise, easy-to-understand videos along with proven time-saving shortcuts so that you get more done in less time, with less stress – guaranteed.

In Just Minutes from Now, You’ll Be Able To:

  • Set up Wordpress in just 5 minutes using ONLY your favorite browser!
  • Optimize your blog for better search engine rankings right out of the box (forget paying thousands of dollars to some “SEO expert” – you can do this in just minutes!)
  • Customize the Wordpress admin area to suit your needs and work more efficiently while boosting productivity
  • Add images, audio, video and more – transforming your site into a rich media visitor magnet!
  • Add content to your blog just by writing a simple email (no login necessary - update your site from anywhere!)

And that’s just for starters!

Of course, this is where most Wordpress courses, even expensive video courses, drop you – leaving you "high and dry" to fend for yourself when it comes to the more complicated stuff, such as:

  • Protecting your blog from hackers, spammers and scammers
  • Updating, editing and customizing your Wordpress theme
  • Adding Facebook, Twitter and contact forms
  • Making your site mobile-friendly
  • And so much more…
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Course Hours: 8
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