Copywriting for Pros

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The online marketing world is a gold rush.  One thing always stays the same, in any gold rush, boom, bubble, secular ascent, whatever you want to call it, there comes a point where an inordinate amount of money begins flowing towards those selling the shovels, no matter if the diggers are getting rich or not. Copywriters are selling shovels. We will teach you how to brand yourself into high demand. We turn down most job offers and you will too! It does not matter if you are brand new or a seasoned writer.

Not long ago everyone wanted to work at home because of the “pajama draw”. The idea of getting up when you want to, working in your pajamas and avoiding the traffic jams does have its appeal.

Nowadays people are working online for the large income opportunities that far outweigh a limited global job market.

Many fail…sad… The reason they fail is blatantly obvious; their sales copy was either written by them or someone that has no idea what they are doing.

Those that succeed use professional copywriters. Words matter! Whether it is a simple email campaign or a 6 page sales funnel, copy sells… not the product.

How are We Going to Make You a Pro-Copywriter?

Step by step this course will transform you from someone who writes copy to a sought after, knowledgeable and effective pro-copywriter. You will learn:

  • Direct Response for print and web.
  • Building your portfolio.
  • Effective email marketing.
  • Scripting for radio, tv and web video.
  • Mastering the elusive call to action that kills.
  • Managing your copywriting business.
  • Take your pick of the highest paying jobs.

This comprehensive course will reveal EVERY tactic learned over the past 25 years of successful copywriting. Not only will they be revealed, they will be mastered by you to ensure maximum success in one of the most lucrative independent careers.

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Course Hours: 3
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