Unity 3D 3.5 Essential Training

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This course is designed to provide new users with a strong design foundation in Unity 3D 3.5—a game engine for mobile and desktop games and real-time simulations—as well as an introduction to scripting and game functionality. Author Sue Blackman explores the major features in Unity and applies them in actual game situations. She shows how to add lights, texture, multiple views, and effects like fire and smoke to each scene and employ reusable assets. The end result is a sample game with a lush environment, fully animated characters, and some basic interactive gameplay.

Topics include:

  • Understanding game and level design theory
  • Organizing your project in Unity
  • Creating and transforming objects
  • Setting up the geometry
  • Painting in terrain, textures, and trees
  • Adjusting the render settings
  • Importing terrains
  • Creating a first-person controller
  • Building projectiles with JavaScript
  • Creating materials and shaders
  • Lighting the game
  • Working with cameras and multiple views
  • Animating characters and assets
  • Creating fire with particle systems
  • Managing the GUI (graphical user interface)
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Course Hours: 10h 5
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