Texturing for Games in Maya, Mudbox, and Photoshop

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Realistic and compelling textures bring video games to life. Learn to create textures and add color, reflectivity, and other surface detail to your games with Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, and Adobe Photoshop. Author Adam Crespi shares techniques ranging from painting with photo references to modeling and rendering high-polygon objects for baking textures. His workflow places an emphasis on optimizing textures for tiling and reuse, both as standalone textures and as part of a texture sheet used on multiple objects.

Topics include:

  • Introducing texture tiling
  • Stacking polygons in an unwrap
  • Establishing base colors
  • Establishing realism with age and wear
  • Cleaning up seams and joints in textures
  • Creating dents and scratches
  • Working with normal maps
  • Sculpting detail
  • Baking occlusion for rust and dirt
  • Working with value and color for incandescence
  • Faking reflection
  • Painting skyboxes
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Course Hours: 4h 22