Maya Essentials 3: NURBS Modeling Techniques

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NURBS, or non-uniform rational basis splines, are part of a 3D graphics modeling strategy used to generate curves and surfaces that are smoother than is possible with polygons. NURBS Modeling Techniques provides a thorough introduction to this modeling toolkit. The course explains the basic theory behind NURBS, starting with NURBS primitives and sculpting surfaces, and then through the modeling tools (Trim, Stitch, Project, and more) used to refine NURBS models in Maya. Author George Maestri also cover techniques from using insert isoparms to add detail, to creating arcs and text, to converting NURBS to polygons.

Topics include:

  • Creating NURBS primitives
  • Manipulating NURBS surfaces and curves
  • Detaching NURBS surfaces
  • Creating Bezier curves, arcs, and text
  • Opening and closing NURBS curves
  • Duplicating curves
  • Working with the Resolve, Loft, Extrude, and Planar commands
  • Creating curves on a surface
  • Trimming surfaces
  • Working with NURBS Booleans
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Course Hours: 2h 18
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