InDesign Insider Training: Beyond the Essentials

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In this course David Blatner builds on his Essential Training series, bringing his knowledge of and passion for Adobe InDesign to lessons that show you how to harness its power and functionality. This installment covers a wide range of advanced topics from interface customization to cutting-edge layout and text-formatting techniques. Learn how to set key application and document preferences, format long documents, match swatches, use GREP styles, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Setting preferences
  • Working with parent and child master pages
  • Adding alternate layouts
  • Exporting and importing page snippets
  • Tracking text changes
  • Choosing other languages
  • Aligning to a baseline grid
  • Applying styles automatically with nested and line styles
  • Embedding links
  • Turning image layers on and off
  • Using the Pathfinder and compound paths
  • Power scaling and spacing
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Course Hours: 5h 14
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